Please join us for our in-person Leadership Forum: June 28!

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virtual sessions

Join students and women leaders from across NJ for an interactive 45 minute Zoom session!

Together we build confidence, leadership skills, discover our strengths, and explore career paths in a relaxed and informal setting. To register, simply click on the session you wish to attend. You can also watch the recordings of past sessions.


Confidence in your Career

CNBC's Kelli Grant shares some great career advice. 


College Readiness: Choosing a Major

Not sure about your career path or what you want to major in? Recent college grads will talk about their experiences and the factors you should consider before making a decision.


Career Skills: Conflict Management

Conflicts happen, and good leaders know how to resolve them. We'll go over some strategies you can use in college, career, and relationships.


Career Skills: Polished Presentations

Learn how to create and present a business presentation, and how to be a more confident speaker.


Executive Career Panel: June 2022

A conversation with women with very cool jobs in project management, engineering, and law.


Ace the Interview

Practice highlighting your strengths and answering those tricky questions.


Executive Career Panel: May 2022

NJ's most notable women leaders share career advice and words of inspiration.


Collaboration and Team Building

Build your collaboration skills essential for school, career, and your personal life. 


Build your Personal Brand

Create your own elevator pitch that highlights your strengths, goals, and what makes you unique.


Effective Decision Making

Practice strategic thinking to help you make those tough decisions.


Executive Career Panel: Leading the Way

Celebrate Women's History Month and network with a dynamic panel of accomplished NJ women.


Executive Career Panel: April 2022

NJ's top women in government, finance, and biopharma share what it takes to be a leader in NJ.


Know your Worth

Tips for building confidence and advocating for yourself.


Financial Empowerment 

Learn wise money strategies from the experts and set yourself up for a successful financial future.


Women in STEM 

Hear from women in the field and how to build the skills necessary for high-growth careers.

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